Call for effective monitoring of projects

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The National, Tuesday February 11th, 2014

 THERE is a need for an effective monitoring, evaluation and reporting system on the progress of the implementation of projects in the country, a national leaders summit has been told.

Acting secretary for National Planning and Monitoring Juliana Kubak suggests that agencies should be penalised if they fail to report effectively, acquit their funds or provide work plans and cash flows against their appropriations.

She said the agencies needed to send in their reports on the implementation of budgets to the central agencies.

She said this would help the department and other central agencies to assist those agencies that faced problems in implementing programmes and projects.

“We have lost the PIP (Public Investment Programme) process and it needs to be established,” Kubak said.

“The PIP process is critical in ensuring that the budgets are in line in delivering national policies and plans.

“PIP must be framed to be adequately financed in the following year or as part of a multi-year investment outlook. Sector wide coordination is necessary to ensure that only the key priorities are met by sector agencies when submitting their project proposals.” 

Kubak said the original PIP process required project formulation documents with attached feasibility studies, scope of works and technical assessments reports prior to budgetary considerations. 

She said non-compliance with the PIP process resulted in the non-implementation of several projects funded in the 2013 budget.

“We have effective tools for monitoring for the evaluation of the PIP and we have progress reports provided by agencies, provinces, districts and donor partners.”