Call for leaders to curb tribal fights

The National, Thursday July 14th, 2016

A DISTRICT law and order committee in Enga says its efforts to stop tribal fights have been ignored and is urging educated elites to talk to their tribal leaders.
Kompiam district law and order coordinator Jaka Pilyio said some well-to-do people from the district had also been supplying arms to their tribes.
Pilyio said four attempts by the district and provincial law and order committee to stop the tribal fight near Kombiam station were unsuccessful.
He said the fighting which started early this year had claimed seven lives and affected services such as health and education.
It has also affected development projects funded by MP John Pundari.
“I want to appeal to the leaders from both sides to discourage their people from taking up arms,” Pilyio said.
He said tribal fighting was a thing of the past which people must do away with.
“We are now living in a modern world. Some tribes in Enga had stopped fighting and were enjoying a peaceful life.”
Pilyio said orders had been issued giving police the authority to arrest leaders found to be behind the tribal fighting.