Call for more to join ENB council of men

Islands, Normal

By ABIGAIL APINA UPNG journalism student

THERE has been a call for men in East New Britain province to look for avenues to voice their concerns.
The East New Britain council of men chairman, Patrick Varagat, said men in the province needed avenues to have a voice and to be educated them as leaders of their families.
Mr Varagat said this during the closing of a male advocacy workshop in Kokopo recently.
“In order for men to understand their role as leaders of their families, women must also understand and appreciate leadership,” he said.
He called on men in the province to join the ENB council of men because it played a role in educating men on how they could become effective family leaders by displaying love and positive attributes towards their children and wives.
“Once men start to understand their leadership role in their family, many social problems such as domestic violence and child abuse would be minimised and a peaceful environment would be established in their homes,” he said.
Mr Varagat said a solid family structure was the basis of a strong society and nation.
Meanwhile, two male inmates testified during a similar male advocacy workshop early this month on how they were subjected to violence and abuse by their parents, and suggested that such workshops also include subjects on violence against men rather than women only.