Call for new toilets at Top Town

Lae News, Normal


LAE City’s Top Town public ablution block should be removed as it is a health hazard.
City residents, who live within the vicinity of the ablutions, claim that direct negligence from the City Authority’s Health Department  has seen the facilities being forcefully used by a lot of people.
A mother, Kelina Kauke, whose house is located about 10 metres from the rest rooms said something had to be done.
Mrs Kauke said she had notified the city council on a number of occasions but nothing had been done.
She said the public continued to use the rooms even though the facilities were no longer operable.
“People have  now resorted to asking me for permission to use my residential lavatory, which I have had to let some of them use,” Mrs Kauke said.
She said this was not the right way to go about addressing health concerns, and the city authorities should act quickly in addressing the matter.
Another resident, Joe Tupana, said that with the recent outbreak of cholera in the city, it would be better that the City Council’s Health Division demolish the facility immediately and secure another piece of land where a new one could be built.
Mr Tupana said the public facility could not  remain a risk at its present condition while users wait for a new one to be built or the present one repaired.
Acting city council manager Jacob Sawanga said  the council had plans to renovate all the ablution blocks in the city.
However, the biggest problem faced has been funding.