Call for peace in Bulolo and Wau

Lae News, Normal


POLICE have appealed to the people of Biangai and Watut to help maintain peace in the mining towns of Wau and Bulolo.
The call comes after a surge in crime in past three months.
Police said the rise had been caused by the influx of people looking for job opportunities in the Hidden Valley gold mine, operated by Morobe Mining JV.
The region only has eight police personnel in Wau. Police said this made the situation difficult to control.
There should at least be 20 officers, said policemen.
To help improve the situation, Morobe provincial police commander Supt Peter Guinness has urged locals to be more understanding and to try and keep the peace.
He said if Biangais and Watuts cooperate to develop Wau, peace and justice would prevail.
He said companies and the Government were working to achieve a climate that would be conducive to development.
The people should join in, he said.
In the meantime, the 20 new high covenant police houses in Wau are set to be completed soon.
Police said this might draw more officers to the area which would help the law and order problem.
“Obviously it will boost police morale but logistics, fire power and uniforms are still factors to be considered,” Supt Guinness said.