Call for probe into Milne Bay DSIP funds

Letters, Normal

The National, Monday October 14th, 2013

 WHAT prompted me to write was the article about a Milne Bay School seeking assistance for urgent maintenance of its rundown classrooms and funding for new computers (The National, Sep 11). 

This is a total embarrassment and shame to the wise, honest, transparent and good leaders and people in Misima. 

With so much of funds over the years given by the national government, as well as DSIP funds, this needs serious investigation into why services of great importance have been overlooked. 

Misima should be a role model island since it was once a gold-rich island in PNG and funded the national government.

Another article reported that the latest DSIP cost of K18.5 million (Aug 23) was awarded to each MP over three years starting in 2008.

And yet, people continue to suffer due to inadequate vital services. 

Even in 2013, nothing has changed and the problems remain for the Samarai Murua electorate. All districts and wards are affected. 

We request the Task Force Sweep team to carry out an investigation into Misima’s DSIP accounts to ascertain where the funds have gone. 

The report  said that each province received grants to improve transportation infrastructure, health, education, water supply and sanitation, law and justice programmes, agriculture and community-based programmes, rural electrification and communication, district housing and office complexes, etc. 

In Misima, we have not seen any of these vital services delivered to the wards in the Louisiade LLG. 

People are still suffering, but who can assist them if the MP is not?

Choosing good leaders is very important. People must choose leaders with integrity, good characters and who are educated, honest, disciplined, responsible and accountable if we are to see prosperity. 

The Samarai Murua MP  (Gordon Wesley, PNC) wants the National Fisheries Authority (NFA) to open the beche-de-mer (BDM) market.

Is this an excuse to divert the people’s attention? 

We advise the NFA and the Government not to for scientific reasons.

He must assist the community through his DSIP grants to provide economical and infrastructural services now. 

It is sad to see that no funds have been injected into education to build human capacity. 

Through good learning, we could produce children who may have to potential to lead the country.

We smell huge corruption and request an urgent investigation by the Task Force Sweep team. 

We believe have a lot of evidence that we are willing to hand over to the investigation team upon request.


Daniel Duncan