Call for proper payout system

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The National, Thursday October 17th, 2013

 TEACHERS in the Southern region have called on provincial education authorities to identify an appropriate system to properly disburse their annual leave fares.

In a statement, the Teachers Association regional secretary  Raymond Ray called on provincial education boards, provincial administrations and governors in the Southern region to look into the matter. 

He said they were concerned that leave fares had become an issue at the end of each school year and provincial education authorities had not been able to resolve it.

Ray said provincial education authorities confirmed leave application for teachers applying for leave in 2013 and urged them to ensure those that eligible be granted their entitlements. 

He suggested that the Western Highlands provincial government’s system be followed by leave fares into teachers’ bank accounts. 

He said the practice of engaging travel agents to deal with leave fares was an abuse of process. 

Teachers ended up receiving far less amounts after fees and charges were deducted by travel agencies.

“To avoid the usual end-of-year fiasco and drama during the Christmas vacation period, the PNG Teachers Association Southern region office demands that 

provincial administrations be more responsible in the handling of teachers leave fares,” Ray said.