Call for steady water supply


I AIR my grievances concerning the ongoing water fluctuations.
In an effort to understand this matter, I have done my own enquiries and research.
This problem is somewhat isolated to Port Moresby South, especially the areas around Koki, Badili, and stretching down as far as Gabutu, Taikone, Kaugere and Sabama.
I do not need to emphasise the importance of utility services such as water but it is essential given the global Covid-19 pandemic.
Government agencies have put out notices stating that utility services such as power and water should be fully functional in order to get through the lockdown period.
Personal hygiene is a simple practice that is important as a frontline measure against Covid-19.
Can our good member for Moresby South look into and address this matter?
It directly affects his constituents. Or to be more blunt, can Eda Ranu please wake up and fix this water issues?
At least have the decency to shed some light on the problem instead of harassing us for bill payments.
Enough is enough.

Joseph Bagasel

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