Call for transparency


AFTER listening to the lady in Rabaul on TV who experienced doubts that she never had the coronavirus, I am starting to think that this so-called crisis is a hoax.
This is an attempt to obtain money from wherever, not for the Covid-19 pandemic but to repair the shattered economy and to shore up the leaders political fortunes.
Why are they talking about a peak in October when there is no coronavirus?
Why are they saying the trend of the virus in PNG is being studied, when there are no coronavirus to study?
Prime Minister James Marape said at a news briefing “we need more expertise; we don’t know anything”. So, does the Health Minister know anything?
Are these other cases on the border and in Goroka and NCD not the coronavirus either?
Are the tests being conducted giving the true results?
Where is the investigation promised weeks ago into the Covid-19 funds?
And if the Covid-19 is here, what is being done in the Highlands in terms of enforcement of protocols which would be the first stop of any infected traveller on the way from the border?
Trucks, taxis, buses have never been so totally overloaded – they look as Indian trains with people hanging from the tailgates and doors!
Port Moresby soaks up all our wealth with fancy roads and high-rise buildings and gets all the attention to stop the virus we haven’t got.
Something very funny is going on here and we need to know the truth.

Highlands Negative