Call for tribes to end ongoing conflict

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DEI MP Westly Nukundj has appealed to all concerned to end the ongoing tribal conflict that is claiming too many innocent lives, including children and women.
“The tribal fights in Dei is also making it difficult for people to access basic services, affecting schools and public servants,” he added.
Nukundj, who is also Public Service Minister, said in a statement yesterday following a Facebook posting of a picture that showed a group of armed warring tribal members and children posing with the head of a villager who was decapitated.
Nukundj had initiated peace when the tribal conflict first started in the Gumanch areas between the Kimka and the Rogolka clans.
“The district had spent more than K200,000 to bring in the police and getting churches involved to forge peace and a good order committee to mediate peace,” he said.
“I am fully aware of what is happening and had been liaising with the police.
“But police left after an officer was shot.”
Nukundj said warlords were using high-powered guns.
“How can they afford buying such guns and ammunition that are being used to kill people?
“I am calling on the Western Highlands Executive Council to convene a meeting to pass a resolution declaring Dei as a fighting zone.
“The conflict will continue unless a fighting zone is declared and police are deployed to ensure law and order.
“I also appeal to educated elites of Dei to come out and assist in negotiating for peace because the conflict has resulted in heavy loss of lives and properties.”
Western Highlands police commander Chief Insp Jacob Kamiak, when contacted yesterday, said he had yet to be briefed on reports from Dei.

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