Call for venues review

Normal, Sports

The National,Wednesday 13th of February, 2013

TWO Telikom National Soccer League clubs want the board to re-look at the decision on competition venues.
Gigira Laitepo Morobe United FC has joined champions Hekari United FC in asking the board to host games at their home grounds.
Morobe team manager Toki Mambare said Gigira Laitepo Morobe wanted to host home games at the Lae Football Association (LFA) so they could raise money through gate takings to sustain the club instead of relying on franchise owners.
“The Sir Ignatius Kilage stadium may be the venue but it is far away from the main bus-stop, which makes it difficult for the soccer public to attend in numbers,” he said.
Mambare said he would ask his franchise owner, Tuguyawini Libe Parindali, to write to the NSL board to consider home games at LFA Park.
Hekari’s John Kapi Natto shared the same sentiments.
“We want to host some home games at PRL to raise some money to support the club,” he said.
“We cannot depend on the franchise only.”
Hekari wants to play home games so players can get used to the surface as they prepare for O-League matches against visiting teams.
The PRL is the only field in Port Moresby endorsed by FIFA and the Oceania Football Confederation to host international matches.
Kapi Natto is appealing to the PNG Football Association and the NSL board to consider his team’s request as they will be representing the country in the O-League.
“I think those two must be considerate in reviewing its decision as the countdown to the O-League begins now,” he said.