Call for young people to start small business

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The National, Monday October 14th, 2013


A DISABLED man from Buang, Morobe, has urged young unemployed people in the area to start small businesses with him.

Mala Demok, from Gambia village in the Bulolo district, said he was tired of hearing Government’s announcements of policies and plans for disabled people and the unemployed with little being done about it.

Demok has frequented the Community Development Office and other institutions in Lae to present business proposals and seek assistance but nothing has come out of his visits.

“Maybe we should start small and I am calling on all unemployed youths from Buang to visit me at Three-Mile so we can start something,” he said.

“Our place is full of trees and people in Lae, especially in settlements, use firewood for cooking. So maybe we can start with a firewood business.”

Demok said sitting and waiting for promised assistance from the government was a waste of time and they needed to do something for themselves.