Call for goverment to take lead in Repentance Day


Churches in Papua New Guinea have called on the Government to take a lead role in the National Repentance Day programme in future.
Speaking during the Repentance Day programme at Parliament House last Saturday, Body of Christ chairman Rev Joseph Walters said “the nation through its elected leadership must give this day the respect and prominence it deserves as it involves God.”
“The Government can give prominence to it as well as funding like other public holidays,” he said.
“It is disappointing when our leaders shun a very significant day in a nation’s calendar by non-attendance and non-involvement as leaders are expected to lead by example.”
Walters said the churches would like the nation come to a “stop” and business and other activities shut down and citizens actively participate as in other holidays and events. “Government agencies, departments, communities, colleges and institutions, tribal groups, districts and electorates must be mobilised to participate,” he said.
“Scripture in 2 Chronicles 7:14 tells us that if we humble ourselves, repent and turn away from our evil ways, God will hear our prayers, forgive our sins and heal our
“This day should be observed as a holy day and not a holiday.”
“Churches also want to see the whole nation seriously observe this day as different to other public holidays as this one engages God Himself.”