Call to let DSIP, PSIP flow


SINCE early this year, due to the elections, there has been disruption in the continuity of the release of this money.
Many projects and service providers are suffering with wages and salaries badly affected.
Service providers cannot endure the suffering anymore.
This has been brought about by delays in payment of provincial services improvement programme (PSIP) and district services improvement programme (DSIP) funds.
As far as I am concerned, in the Autonomous Region of Bougainville, PSIP and DSIP monies are bringing real services to the grassroots.
They are making a big impact in the rural communities and should continue to flow without any disruption.
Papua New Guinea has made a huge commitment to meet Millennium Development Goals and other targets with the United Nations.
Without the sustainable drawdown of the PSIP and DSIP, I don’t know how rural people will ever have any chance of seeing these dreams come true.
These targets and goals are for rural people.
They are nothing but a mere figment of the imagination of people who don’t know how hard life is in rural PNG.
Our educated people have migrated to the cities.
They have forgotten the rural people and the hardships they face every day.
That is why they are continuously putting up roadblocks to the drawdown of PSIP and DSIP funds to provinces and districts where the bulk of people live.

Dominic Eiso
South Bougainville