Call for locals to appreciate resources


Gulf is rich with many natural and valuable resources, according to Gulf Governor Chris Haiveta.
He told the people of Gulf during a belated Independence celebrations in Kerema last week, to appreciate and take care of their resources.
These include gas, tourism, fishing, agriculture and logging.
“Our province is full of many natural resources,” Haiveta said.
“As we speak, drilling is underway for Twinza in Pasca and early next year, there will be more drilling in Kimu and Barikewa.
“There is further exploration in 391 prospecting gas fields which pose great potential for economic explosion in the near future.
“Currently, we have 18-20 trillion cubic feet (TCF) of gas reserves that are yet to be developed.
“We have plans for downstream processing where we will transform the no-pipeline policy into a pipeline and a petrochemical industry for Gulf.
“This we hope to achieve in the five-year term of my government.”
Gulf is also one of the many provinces with a mixture of languages, tropical rainforests and many species of animals still not known to men. The Purari, Kikori, Vailala and Taure-Lakekamu basins are some of the last frontiers of the world.
“We also have huge opportunities to generate income from fishing, agriculture and farming – which could have a lot of influence in raising our economy and standard of living,” Haiveta said.
“We need to look into this areas to provide an economic balance to the unsustainable round log harvesting and exporting, which is currently undertaken and controlled at the national level in Gulf.”