Call-outs for operation becoming norm, says police


EAST Sepik police commander Supt Albert Beli says call-outs for police operations in the province are becoming a norm.
He said police had to attend to fresh cases on a daily basis.
He said this indicated that law and order issues in the province were on the rise.
Supt Beli also highlighted that responding to fresh cases meant they had less or no time to rest or perform administrative roles.
“We (police) need help in terms of logistics and more community reporting to curb law and order problems,’ he said.
He said the police force in the province comprised 209 officers of which 35 were female.
“The main cases reported in the province are domestic issues, murders, stealing and robbery, and the consumption of homebrew,” he said.
Supt Beli also reported a man being shot in the leg by police at Yangoru Station on July 18.
He said the victim identified as Herbet Hanimo was arrested earlier for drunk and disorderly behaviour and assault and locked up at the Yangoru police station but escaped.
“Police pursued the prisoner and fired warning shots but he still tried to run so they shot him in his leg.
He was brought to the hospital, got treatment and is now back at the station.”