Call for public servants to undertake advance training

Youth & Careers

PUBLIC servants should undertake advanced level of training in their respective professions, managing director for the IT Job Training Centre Sunny Sun says.
Sun said this on Friday when 12 officers from Papua New Guinea Customs were awarded certificates after completing training on Microsoft Excel.
“As a private training provider, one of the important issues I have realised in the country is that public servants really needed to improve their skills and knowledge,” Sun said.
“Lack of skills and knowledge in the public service will continue to pull the country back.”
He said companies seemed to perform much better because they built staff capacity in terms of knowledge and skills.
“If the public service can apply that same concept, it can make some difference in terms of performance.”
Sun said the training centre developed courses targeting public servants.
“Last year, we trained more than 500 employees of PNG Power Limited,” he said.
“This year, PNG Customs came on board where 30 of their staff underwent training on Microsoft Excel.”
Sun said when a government agency or a private organisation wished to undergo training, “we go to the organisation and do our research”.
“We know the work they are doing so we programme the course according to what they are doing and the courses that will complement their working skill and advance them to solve some of the problems they encounter in their work.”