Call to recruit qualified teachers


THE National asked people last week why most students dropped out after grades 8 and 10 each year.
This is what most have suggested: The Education Department must employ only qualified teachers who are specialised in subjects, and must formally attain qualifications from recognised teacher training institutions.
I am supporting these views as so far most teachers have been complaining of not getting paid for more than a year.
This is an issue which needs to be addressed.
When such teachers complain, it affects students’ learning, as most of these teachers are in the basket of unqualified.
This means some are teaching on their content knowledge – their first degree – without proper training in teaching.
Most teachers have problems with their content or specialised subject knowledge.
Teachers should be the students’ role model at all times.
Students’ failures will determine teacher’s performance in the class.
It is not always the Government’s failure.
The principals of various schools must not recruit unqualified teachers who are looking for work.
Teachers should be recruited by the Department of Education.
I can say that the root of failure is in classroom learning.

Concerned citizen