Call to relocate copra office


SUMKAR MP Chris Nangoi wants the Kokonas Indastri Koporesen (KIK) head office moved from Port Moresby to Madang because Karkar Island is the biggest copra producer in the country.
“When our farmers see this, it will encourage them to participate more in the industry,” he said.
Nangoi suggested to the Ramu Development Foundation Limited executives to take care of that.
The foundation is the Madang provincial government’s business arm which has been revived to manage economic and developmental projects in the province.
It was established under a provision of the Ramu Nickel agreement to manage the projects initiated under the agreement.
It later extended its function to coordinate all other provincial government projects.
Nangoi said the coffee industry was based in Goroka because it was was the leading coffee producer. Likewise, the cocoa board’s main office is in Kokopo because East New Britain produces the biggest quantity of cocoa. Therefore copra’s main office should move to Madang because Madang produces the most copra, he said.
Karkar Island produces 10,000 tonnes of copra annually.
Madang Chamber of Commerce chairman Kevin Murray supported the idea and said the chamber has already requested that the office be moved to Madang.
“I don’t see a reason why the KIK should be in Port Moresby,” he said.