Call for more support for students’ spiritual move


SECONDARY school students in Lae are involved in a Christian spiritual movement which parents and school managers are urged to support.
Student Unity Fellowship (SUF) parent Manning Forepe said during a mass celebration for the Tertiary Students Christian Fellowship (TSCF) last Sunday at the Cassowary Road United Church students had shown interest in the movement.
They want to be involved in spiritual activities in an effort to end problems faced by schools in Lae.
“While cult activities have been eradicated from schools, the students are moving to address school fights by engaging in religious activities. And that is a positive approach,” he said.
“We as parents have to provide opportunities for them to make this happen. The TSCF and SUF are the venues provided for students to take pro-active steps towards achieving their spiritual wellbeing.”
He urged parents and stakeholders to fund the activities so that students could be involved in more positive activities.
Bugandi Secondary School SUF president Jameson Enny said the idea was to unite schools spiritually to fight the differences they had.
He said the activities include visits to hospitals, rural outreach and school fellowships.

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