Call to accept results

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The National, Wednesday October 23rd, 2013

 CANDIDATES who contested the last general and local level government elections are being urged not to challenge the results.

Elijah Kelam of Mt Hagen, Western Highlands, challenges only  further delay basic services reaching people.

He said there had been many failed elections and as a result people suffered as the court process took time and money to sort out. Kelam, said that had to change because many elected leaders took advantage of such challenges to misuse public funds instead of delivering services.

“We have to change. Times are changing and we have to move on with life,” Kelam said.

He said in Western Highlands, former governor Tom Ol­ga was challenging Paias Wingti’s election victory. 

He said that was an example of what was happening throughout the country.

Kelam said people were suffering because too many election results were being challenged.

“Whoever wins is our leader and my appeal to the candidates is to work together, share ideas and fight for development and changes,” he said.

He said it did not matter who won or lost  as people were interested in services and good governance.

“We are not interested in court battles. 

“Anyone who wins in the election is our leader and we want to see what that person will do for us,” he said.

Kelam said challenging election result was not healthy for a developing country like Papua New Guinea.