Call to address health workers shortage


THE recent establishment of the Kundiawa General Nursing College at Mirane, outside Kundiawa town, stands to benefit Chimbu as far as health is concerned, an official says.
Chimbu deputy administrator (field services) Essy Walkaima made the remarks during the launch of the college recently which he said highlighted the need for additional manpower to be deployed to many health facilities throughout the province.
Walkaima raised concerns that there was an acute shortage of health workers in the province adding there was an immediate need to fill those vacancies.
He said the nursing college was established in time to effectively cater for the shortage in the districts.
“Since Governor Michael Dua is embracing the college as one of the pillar priorities of the province, we will work hard to ensure the college is fully operational by the end of the year,” he said.
College principal Ali Mun said: “Currently, both first and second-year students are out in both the urban and rural areas doing practicals.
“The practical component always remains tough when it comes to funding but we are able to manage at our own capacity.”
Mun called on the responsible authorities to support the college’s programme.
He said a recent visit by him and his lecturers to one of the remote health facilities, the Bogo health centre in Kerowaghi, proved that students had helped greatly in the health services to the community.
Bogo health sub centre officer-in-charge Sumai Wel said the four students were valuable additions to his staff.

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  • The information on Nursing school in Kundiawa Simbu province is not a general Nursing School.
    The school was established by Simbu Provincial government as a Community Health Workers Training School

    Please reward what you write because it is misinterpreted or misleadig.

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