Call to allow ballots count

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The National, Wednesday November 6th, 2013

 CANDIDATES in Jiwaka who contested the local level government elections want the Electoral Commissioner Andrew Trawen to allow counting to go ahead.

This is because they do not know when the supplementary elections will be held.

They said Trawen promised them the supplementary election for the failed LLGs in the six Highlands provinces would be held in September but nothing happened.

Junior Aipe, who contested the Banz LLG president’s seat, said if there were no funds to conduct a supplementary election, then counting had to proceed.

Aipe said Trawen failed the LLG election with a promise to schedule a supplementary election but that did not eventuate.

Aipe said they wanted to know the counting results.

“For the Banz LLG, I want the counting to proceed because people are still waiting to have a representative,” he said.

“Look at how decisions are made in the provincial level when many LLG presidents are not taking part.”

Aipe said leadership meant service.