Call to boost domestic tourism


PROMOTING domestic tourism given the Covid-19 situation will provide an opportunity to take stock of what the country can do to attract tourism when restrictions are lifted, Madang businessman Sir Peter Barter says.
He said travel restrictions to other countries would continue to be applied throughout this year, hence, the need to promote domestic tourism.
“Convince resource companies to take local leave in PNG instead of fly in/fly out as is the case at present,” Sir Peter said.
“It provides an opportunity to keep tourism alive and, for us to take stock of what we have and what we can do to attract tourism when restrictions are lifted.
“Currently, the Tourism Promotion Authority is using television advertisement that are directed at international tourists.
“We need ads to attract domestic tourism.”
Culture and Tourism Minister Isi Henry Leonard recently said that given the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the industry, the focus would now be on promoting local tourism.
“We are in a time that the Covid-19 has stopped foreigners from coming in but that is not the end of the story,” he said.
“We should look within (the country) and see our potential.
“We should look at what’s here already, those who are kept captive (due to the Covid-19 travel restrictions).
“Look at the mine workers, look at other sectors.
“We must promote local tourism within this time to help the economy.
“The area that we should promote are those places that have potential.
“We already have what is naturally here, we can use that to promote local tourism. The challenge is to look seriously at those areas and, maybe, use provisions within the laws that the Government has and promote tourism hubs within those areas.”
Meanwhile, PNG Tourism Promotion Authority chief executive officer Eric Mossman said recently that in light of the impact of the Covid-19 halting international tourism, domestic tourism would be one of the organisation’s objectives going forward.
“We are positioning ourselves to move forward having learnt from the impact of Covid-19,” he said.

One thought on “Call to boost domestic tourism

  • So when we Papua New Guineans say Local Tourist…we really mean what we say…there are many local tourist within the country….we have the potential to boost this industry for our own benefit ….so it is best to operate out tourism business in an economically viable and sustainable way…. meaning that prices and packages must be affordable to the average Papua New Guinean….
    For a very long time we are taught to think that tourism is for the expatriate…. for the rich white man overseas…. to come and spend his money….we Papua New Guineans do have the money to boost the tourism industry domestically

    Brookes [email protected]

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