Call to build more guest houses

National, Normal

The National- Wednesday, January 12, 2011


THERE is a need for more village-based guest houses and bungalow resorts to established in Papua New Guinea.

Paivu Tours director Melly Paivu said the establishment of more guest houses and bungalow resorts in rural areas, particularly at the village level, would enable tourists to have a feel of the village lifestyle and relate with the people, its natural and marine resources and life.

He said this approach would assist in changing the holiday-makers mindset which had been influenced by negative reports in the media on social issues affecting the country.

Paivu said their experiences from living within the village communities and people would then bring a good image of PNG being an ideal holiday destination, resulting in the promotion of the tourism industry.

He urged the people to preserve and maintain their marine life and natural surroundings in order to attract more tourists in East New Britain and generate income into the community.