Call to complete Gahuku High

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THE rape of a girl in search of secondary education last month has prompted a former State minister to call for the speedy revival and completion of the abandoned Gahuku High School.
Former Correctional Services Minister and Goroka MP Henry Smith said the rape could have been avoided had politicians and the Government completed the high school project initiated during his term as minister.
“I want the school project completed and open for our children of Gahuku. We have only Goroka Secondary School which is serving the Goroka town population.
“Our children are being sent to other districts for their education,” he said.
“Gahuku High School project was launched for the people of Goroka. The project has been left abandoned for 10 years without any support except from the Eastern Highlands provincial government,” he said.
Construction work on the school was launched during Mr Smith’s term as MP and minister between 1997 and 2002.
“I urge Goroka MP Thompson Harokaqveh and Governor Malcolm Kela-Smith to step in to help so that our children need not be sent to schools in other districts,’’ he said.
The rape of the girl, and rejection of some students from Goroka district by other secondary schools, has prompted leaders of Kama and Nagamiufa tribes to storm Goroka Secondary Schools demanding for their children to be enrolled there.
The administration accepted a number of Goroka district children who have been in school for almost three weeks.
Goroka District administrator Bill Kavanamur revealed having several submissions for the Government to solicit funding under rehabilitation education school infrastructure (RESI).
He said a committee would take the submissions to Port Moresby to secure funds under RESI to complete the Gahuku High School.
Mr Kavanamur called for support from both administrative and political levels to secure money to develop education infrastructure in Goroka.