Call to cut tax for public servants


THE Public Employees Association (PEA) has called on the Government to relieve public servants off a 15 to 25 per cent cut on tax as implementers of government policies.
“We the public servants are the very ones who implement the government’s policies bringing services to the people and the government heavily charges us,” PEA chairman Robert Kutapai said during a press conference on their disappointment with the Government’s 2020 Budget.
The Council of Public Sector Unions has seen the Government’s 2020 Budget which did not include a three per cent increment that should have been paid since last year.
Kutapai said the state took one third of the tax income from the public service.
He said consideration also needed to be given to workers in the private sector.
“When you look at public servants you are taxing them a marginal tax of 35 per cent, on top of that you (state) are also taxing them 10 per cent of every toea that goes to buying food,” Kutapai said.


  • Current income tax rate paid by the salary earners is way to high. Government should review the current rate & make it fair by dropping it down to 20 % across the board. Why should we pay a high tax & than pay 10% GST on top of that, this is totally unfair.

  • This must be the call for ALL Public Servants including SOE who are taxed at 42%. Some SOE make profit that is directly paid to the Government plus 42% and 10% G&S, a total of 52%. Double Dipping.

  • Government need to seriously look into this issue.
    We the public servants are paying so much tax, do something about this by helping your country men and women.

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