Call to evaluate growth of B’ville

National, Normal

By TAPO TOVILU DWU journalism student

A PROMINENT Bougainvillean has called on his leaders to evaluate the growth of the region and to see where Bougainville is today.
Patrick Heromate said Bougainville’s walk
into the process of
autonomy was not
that clear and the big question was for the people and the Autonomous Bougainville Government to answer.
“Millions of kina pumped into Bougainville’s economy have disappeared,
leaving many development projects abandoned.
“At the end of last year, Bougainville made headlines on the way funds were spent.
“Millions had been lost and Bougainville must change the way it is dealing with its spending to better benefit our region,” Mr Heromate said.
“What have the leaders done to resolve peoples’ problems?
“If they continue to spend money and resources like always,
the people will suffer,”
he said.
Mr Heromate said law and order issues were on the rise and law enforcement officers should step up their efforts.
“Our leaders must seriously look into ways to check the rise in crime effectively, and problems associated with it.
“Address the issue of weapons disposal.
“Guns are still being used in some areas of Bougainville.
“The people and leaders must not turn a blind eye on the social woes afflicting Bougainville,” he said.