Call to explain funding

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The National, Friday February 7th, 2014

 THE Western government has been challenged to explain to people the status of projects funded under a trust fund. 

Former provincial administrator William Goinau wants acting provincial administer Dr Modowa Gumoi and Governor Ati Wobiro to provide a detailed expenditure account of how funds for each of the 14 projects from the K36 million funding from the Western Province People’s Dividend Trust Fund-Non Community Mine Continuation Agreement account was spent.

The projects include project processing and monitoring unit (K3 million); upgrading of the Daru General Hospital (K2.3 million); lease of two aircraft (K5.5 million); construction of 15 houses (K2.9 million); Corporate wear (K69,205); rural airstrip maintenance (K2.6 million); insurance services (K2.996 million); governor’s scholarship programme (K4.28 million); technical and vocational education scholarships (K391,667); and legal services (K5 million).

“Nobody in the province seems to know who the project managers for 

these projects are, what the operational arrangements or guidelines are,” Goinau said.