Call to explain projects, development in Gulf


GULF Elema Resource Foundation in the last four years has been monitoring Gulf’s aspiration in bringing necessary infrastructure development into the province under successive governors.
Last week, Gulf Governor Chris Haiveta signed a memorandum of agreement (MoA) with Twinza Oil Ltd to develop power project to supply electricity from the Pasca offshore oil & gas project.
This project is deemed to have no landowners’ say in it and only recognises the Gulf government as the beneficiary of the project.
What is the provincial executive council’s position on this decision?
The governor also indicated that he is in the process of signing another memorandum of understanding (MoU) on a business plan for liquefied petroleum gas supply with Kumul Consolidated Holdings Ltd to utilise the gas.
Does Gulf have the kind of infrastructure that requires power from two different sources?
Why two?
Haiveta further mentioned that the provincial executive council has established two entities with the intention of taking part in investment opportunities created by resource projects and also pursuing business projects through the Government goals in national content plan and domestic market obligation.
These are public entities therefore we want to know their names so people can apply for contracts with them.
The national content plan and domestic market obligation allows for landowner companies to participate in spin-off businesses and contracts.
In December 2019, you signed yet another MoA with Mayur Resource PNG Ltd to extract black sand from Obu’miri to Orokolo Bay and up to Muro.
The same land area will host the Papua LNG pipeline.
Where are you going to resettle people?
The people of Gulf have seen on TV and newspapers that in all your MoUs and MoA signings, you were alone in the absence of other elected Gulf MPs, the provincial administrator and key provincial government officials.
Why is this so?
Governor, we have heard so much about development intiatives for the province over the years but we have not seen any in Kerema town so far.

Andrew H HaiPaku
Executive Chairman

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  • Gulf Province has missed out a lot; because we have leaders who are selfish and have no intention to advance the people except themselves. Education institutions do not exist and Secondary and High schools lack in many areas because knowledge is power! Too much knowledge will bring the leaders down so why bother to advance the people. The Last and Most Least Developed Province is our label. How can we change that …Only by People Power.

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