Call to extend SOE opposed


I write to express my views in relation to NCD Governor Powes Parkop’s call in The National yesterday to extend the state of emergency (SOE) for Port Moresby and redeploying bus stop wardens.
I am wondering if the governor really understands the effects of SOE on residents in Port Moresby.
The governor needs to understand that people who are laid-off from work, especially in the private sector such as hotels and entertainment industries, are suffering.
The limited cash flow is affecting majority of city residents who rely on the informal sector.
If the governor was to view the situation from an ordinary citizen’s point of view, the SOE should be ended.
The option to extend the SOE means to prolong pain and suffering for many.
Re-stationing bus stop wardens would lead to harassment of vendors and impose unnecessary spot fines on commuters.
The food relief distribution to affected families in NCD has been a failure, thus, talk realistic, install temporary water taps in all main bus stops to encourage handwashing, repatriate vagrants to regional cities such as Lae for Oro, Momase and, the Highlands and Kokopo for New Guinea Island.
Improve sanitation and hygiene of communities by ensuring that all city residents have access to safe and clean drinking water and proper toilet facilities.
Your call to control the Covid-19 pandemic is too shallow. There are millions of better ideas and options available to choose from, but not the above two.

Unemployed Private Sector Worker,
Morata Swamp

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