Call to halt SOE extension


I APPEAL to the Government not to further extend the state of emergency (SOE) but tighten the border security posts – ban international flights or allow it with strict controls.
The impact of the 14-day lockdown and a further two months SOE was felt by settlers who survive on the informal sector.
PNG owned SMEs have suffered losses and have struggled to survive during the lockdown.
They should be given a chance to recoup what was lost.
The eight confirmed Covid-19 patients in the country have already recovered.
We should not continue to spend in the name of SOE but save what is left as we can’t predict what will happen next.
For instance, the world may not come up with a cure this year or so or PNG may experience a second wave of outbreak.
Preventive measures practised today during the SOE will be the new normal.
Military personnel would be required to patrol the borders, police would be required to impose social distancing and everyone would be required to wear face masks and other personal protective equipment.
So we should start practising it as the new normal to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Maangs Siwam

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