Call to lead by example

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The National, Thursday February 6th, 2014

 PUBLIC servants have to lead by example and serve the people to the best of their ability, a government official says.

Bernard Lukara is the first secretary to the Deputy Prime Minister Leo Dion, the East New Britain Regional MP.

“This is not happening anymore as many of our senior public servants including advisors, district administrators and local level government managers are running around too much allowing for leadership at all management levels to suffer to an emergency status or rapidly declining,” he said.

“This must be arrested sooner rather than later.”

Lukara said public servants at senior management levels should continue to guide and advise the chairman and members of provincial executive councils on their roles and responsibilities, national and provincial government policies.

They must show good leadership, good governance and greater transparency.

“Fundamental to this is the need for our political leaders to be objective rather than being subjective and most importantly focus on the people first rather than themselves and their personal interests because it was the people who gave them the mandate to lead and represent them,” he said.