Call to outlaw swearing in public

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Markham MP Koni Iguan has told Parliament that there should be a law to stop people swearing in public.
Iguan said PNG was a Christian country but people were disrespectful in swearing in public places.
He made particular reference to people who used obscene language, incorporating body parts.
“The former speaker during his term had organised for the Bible to be put in the parliament to declare that PNG is a Christian country,” Iguan said.
“By looking at the attitude and the conduct of people these days, it is outside our beliefs and principles.
“Swearing in public places, especially using the words to describe women’s private parts, is unbecoming of Papua New Guineans as Christians.
“We do not respect our women folk, we have mothers, daughters, wives, our aunties and our sisters.
“We fail to uphold our Christian principles and that kind of attitude is bringing our country down rather than moving it forward.
“We are also teaching our future generations the obscene and swear words. Even the small children are learning these swear words as they are growing up.
“I feel very offended when I am with the women folks and the swear words are used in public.
“There must be laws put in place to penalise those who improperly call female body parts as swear words in public places.
“Our children must be educated on the teaching of the Bible to be good citizens of this nation.” Iguan also alluded to a Bill introduced by Prime Minister Peter O’Neill last year about the control of smoking and chewing betel nuts in public places.
He said because of the introduction of that law, there was control of betel nuts and smoking in public and commended NCD Governor Powes Parkop for his initiative in trying to keep the capital city clean.


  • I do agree with the initiative to put up law against use of obsessed swearing word in public area.

  • It is already an offence! It is just police do not enforce the current laws! Police need “Wording of Charges” Books to be printed and updated at every police station, currently there are only photocopies of various pages of the book and most officers do not know the correct wording for completing the Charges for Criminals.

  • It’s already a offence under the Summary Offences Act section 7. Its called breach of peace by use of offensive and abusive words, behaviours and gestures.
    Penalty provisions need to be amended and made stringent.

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