Call to probe Kerevat NHS funds timely

Letters, Normal

THE call by East New Britain Governor Leo Dion for an independent investigation into the K7 million infrastructure upgrading of Kerevat National High School is timely and necessary.
The future of our children’s education is compromised because our leaders have a tendency to misappropriate funds.
As a former educationist, K7 million is more than enough to upgrade the necessary infrastructure in Kerevat.
Apart from the independent investigation, since Kerevat NHS is a national institution, it would also be appropriate for the Education Department to carry out its own investigation.
For transparency purposes, the company responsible for the maintenance must be thoroughly investigated to determine if the work undertaken is worth the money received.
Further, the investigation must uncover if proper procedures were used in awarding the contract.
It is about time we become vigilant in pursuing greedy people who target money set aside for the future of our children’s education for the selfish gains.


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