Call to protect trees

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The National, Monday February 3rd, 2014

 MANGROVES must be conserved to reduce accumulation of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and slow down global warming, says a leader of the MARSH project.

Deputy Chief Party of Mangroves Rehabilitation for Sustainably Healthy Project, Gae Gowae said the mangrove soil (peat) has the highest concentration of carbon and not the trees in the forests.

“This is the place where the most carbon dioxide emitted by burning of fossil fuels can be adsorbed.

“That reduces the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere which contributes to global warming.

“Mangroves are seen as a system to be protected in terms of mitigation and adaption to climate change.

“The livelihoods of the coastal people depend on the mangroves ecosystem and coastal fisheries,” he said.

About 75% of the fish start breeding under the mangroves before they go out into the sea.

Dr Joko Purbopuspito, from the Centre for International Research in Forestry in Indonesia, said mangroves had to be conserved to sustain and protect the lives of the coastal people.

“With the increasing climate temperature and rise in the sea level, the coastal people would be the most affected ones,” he said.

Purbopuspito said mangroves provided protection for the people against extreme weather such as storm, winds, floods and tsunami.