Call to regulate sale of mobile phones

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The National,Monday 11th of February, 2013

THE government needs a legislation to control the purchase and use of mobile phones in the country to reduce abuse, Southern Highlands Governor William Powi said.
Speaking in parliament last Friday, he said mobile phones in the country had caused a lot social and civil disorder.
Abuse and threats had been used, including against leaders, as a result of the uncontrolled use of the phones.
Powi said the government should now look at regulating the use of mobile phones by registering all SIM cards and perhaps get the companies dealing with them to record calls and text messages so they can be traced in case of abuse and crimes.
“Although communication is essential, the rate of abuse of the equipment is contribu­ting to social and civil disorder in communities,” Powi said.
“The government must put in place regulatory mechanisms to control SIM cards for easy identification of users and tracking purposes,” he said.
He said uncontrolled access of illicit pictures via mobile phones was another issue the government needed to consider.
 “It can be a security issue if it is not regulated properly,” he said.
Communications Mi­nister Jimmy Miringtoro said his department would look at introducing regulations governing the registration and use of SIM cards.