Call to remove settlement


THE 2-Mile bus stop in Port Moresby is becoming a haven for thugs living in the nearby settlement.
Many of our mothers and daughters have fallen victims of these thugs.
When buses stop at the bus stop, these thugs rob women and girls who get off the bus.
Just last Saturday, they robbed mothers who were travelling from Town through Badili.
That settlement has been a breeding ground for thugs for many years.
Can the National Capital District Governor Powes Parkop and NCD Commission remove the settlement?
Please remove this settlement.
This is a plea.
Despite the construction of a new four-lane road, this sick attitude still continues.
We have had enough of it.

Remove 2-Mile Hill Settlemen

One thought on “Call to remove settlement

  • The answer is for Governor of NCD and Central to introduce the vegrancy Law to stop the inflow of people into Towns and try and manage those who are already in the city or towns.

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