Call to resettle displaced people

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The National, Tuesday October 15th, 2013


THE Morobe government has been given 14 days to resettle displaced Bubu people from Garaina taking refuge at the Bulolo police station.

Failure to do so may result in a “Bulolo battlefield,” tribesmen have threatened.

Bubu’ rivals from Kukukuku, in Bulolo, said they had lost 452 lives over the years of tribal attacks, allegedly to people from Waria and Goilala.

“Failing that will result in Bulolo a battlefield and we are prepared to face the consequences because we regard Wau-Bulolo township as our traditional land” Kukukuku leaders said after handing their demand to the district office 

last Friday.

Seven leaders from Kukukuku (Watut and Menyamya) and three witnesses from Mumeng and Patep signed an eight-page petition presented to district administrator Tae Gwambelek and police. 

The leaders include Paul Anis, Kandis Gilimbing, Evias Timothy, Joram Waterpai, Laimoke Yaling, Maika Gaima, Kapi Dumlu, Yateng Yaeng and Gewasa Tukwand.

“Loss of lives over the decades on our soil in such circumstances caused by youths from Waria, Bubu and Goilala under influence of marijuana, homebrew and other petty crimes – we want to put an end to it,” the leaders said.

“Police have clear records of the high crime rates recorded from these youths from the particular area. We want peace and harmony therefore enough is enough” Anis said.

The petition wants: 

  • Waria, Bubu and Goilala repatriated to place of origin;
  • suspects and youths involved in violence and killing s over the past couple of weeks be handed to police as well as other wanted criminals; and
  • The government to take action over 11 previous petitions regarding clash between Sepiks and locals, and repatriation of Sepiks livinging on state land near the police station, among others.