Call to respect women

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THE fight against domestic violence in the Autonomous Bougainville Region has taken a new direction and that is by training youths and husbands to respect and treat women equally, through an awareness programme.
Male prospect training officer attached with the Leitana Nehan Women’s Development Agency, Francis Semoso, is heading the programme.
“Domestic violence is a serious issue,” Mr Semoso said.
He said every year about 70% of assault cases reported were domestic in nature.
The awareness started in March and had successfully been carried out to outlaying areas such as Bana, Ieta, Wakunai and Solos.
Mr Semoso said it was time to take a different approach and that was by targeting the youths and husbands giving them awareness on the importance of women in the society.
He said most Papua New Guinean men had big egos and they think they could do whatever they want with a woman.
“The training is about  changing that mentality and making men realise that women are equal partners in development.
“There has been some success since we started going out into the communities where men have come to realise that women are equal to them and should be treated the same,” Mr Semoso said.
He said the agency hoped to expand the programme to other parts of Bougainville next year.