Call to reward peace mediators

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The National, Thursday 06th of March, 2014

PEACE and good order committees in the Highlands region play a significant role in maintaining peace and deserve better pay, Ialibu town mayor Robert Iki says.
Iki, from Ialibu, Southern Highlands, said the region was infamous for conflicts that the committees had managed to reduce.
This has taken a lot of pressure off police and the courts.
“They (peace and good order committees) are performing an important role. When will they be appreciated for their work?
“They are the ones involved in maintaining peace during conflict resolutions, especially killings, road accidents and tribal fights.”
Naik Tommy, from Nipa-Kutubu district said the highlands region had so many high-powered weapons in the wrong hands.
“When a tribal fights start, police arrive late. And it is the peace and good order committees who are already on the ground who do their best to calm things down,” he said.
Tommy said although they were under resourced and poorly paid, they sacrificed much to keep their communities safe.