Call to stop smoking on public transport


By Lulu Mark
PEOPLE should not smoke in public transport, National Capital District PMV Association president Jack Waso says.
Waso said by law public transport was a smoke-free area and that included the buses, taxis and hire car services that come under PMV.
He said taxi and PMV drivers announced that smoking inside vehicles was prohibited “but it seems people don’t listen”.
“The public concerns whether it be for health or safety is the business of the PMV owners and operators because they are our customers,” Waso said.
“We are cautious of the public and we value the people. Passive smoking kills and the people who smoke must have respect for other commuters as well. NCD PMV Association represents 122 members comprising individuals, companies and cooperate bodies.
“We are responsible for the public transport needs and we work to uphold the standard of public transport and are happy to work with authorities to uphold the law.”
Last year the association worked with NCDC on betel nut control by having information pamphlets in vehicles but people still chewed betel nuts in PMVs.
Regarding the 2017 World Health Organisation report on tobacco epidemic in PNG which showed no compliance by public transport to smoke-free places, Waso said:
“It is not the PMV service provider but the public who are aware of the law yet fail to do the right thing,” Waso said.