Call to work together


CONGRATULATIONS to the Tari/Pori MP James Marape on your election as the Prime Minister.
The time, commitment and sacrifice that earned you the top post of this nation, as a citizen of this nation I would like to take this time to acknowledge the presence and cooperation of all the elected Members of Parliament from both sides of the house.
What you displayed at the Parliament House truly reflects the identity of our Christian nation and shows solidarity, and to strengthen the relationship between both fictions.
My point is, after the Marape Government puts its cabinet in place, then all elected MPs should go back to their respective provinces, settle down, get the leaders of the business arms and stakeholders, district/local level government leaders, village chiefs/lawyers, community representatives, religious and youth leaders to team up and work for the people.
Leadership starts from the bottom.
You plant your seed, you will see there’s unity, love and respect waiting for you.
There is a lot of work to do so get back to your respective provinces to start now.
As a youth leader of Northern, I call on my Parliamentary leaders to come and get themselves down to the bottom get every leaders together and let’s unite work for the betterment of Oro and the nation as well.


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