Call for unity, cooperation

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CENTRAL Governor Robert Agarobe wants the public servants in the province to work with him to take the province to the next level in terms of service provision.
Speaking to the provincial management team, which included the chief executive officers of the province’s five districts at the provincial headquarters in Konedobu, Port Moresby, Agarobe said: “I am here to meet and greet. I must know my troops.
“We must work together for one reason – to serve the people of Central.”
Agarobe told the management not to worry about the past issues in the provincial administration and that workers should keep away from politics.
“The past is gone,”he said
“The main thing now is moving the province forward and I want you to set your goals and move on.
“I want to run an open door policy.
“Feel free to come and see me in my office but you must also respect protocol.
“We need to deliver to our people in the rural areas.
“I come from a private sector and I work with my managers and I want us to work with provincial executive council members and the chairman of my cabinet.
“We have a big challenge ahead of us.
“We must rebrand the province. Any request from the districts
and communities will now come from the open members’ office only.
“And I want to do away with this ribbon-cutting business and unnecessary spending on meetings in hotels and misuse of funds.
“I am excited and I’d like to start from ground, up.
“It’s the challenge that drives me. We are a new team.
“Let’s all work together for the common good of our people.”

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