Calls for EC to conduct by-election

The National,Monday June 20th, 2016

THE Hela-Gimbu Association, which claims to be the official mouthpiece of 300,000 Hela people, is calling on the Electoral Commission to immediately conduct a by-election for the regional seat left vacant by the death of Governor Anderson Agiru.
Chief Damien Arabagali said this last Friday flanked by other leaders of the association in the face of controversy over whether the by-election should go ahead or not.
He said the by-election must be conducted in compliance with laws relating to a seat becoming vacant upon the death of an MP.
“We support what the Electoral Commission said about conducting a by-election,” Arabagali said.
“People will choose a leader to bring back order and normalcy to the province.
“The recent decision by the court that Governor Agiru is the rightful governor, and not Francis Potape, means that there are two camps right now. This will create disunity in the province.
“We want the Government to intervene and fund the Electoral Commission to conduct the by-election.”