Calls for safe disposal of plastic bags

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The National, Tuesday, May 10, 2011

THE government must immediately introduce measures to control the disposal of plastic bags, the head of a recycling company says.
Genesis Recycle (PNG) Ltd chairman Ako Kaugla said any measure introduced must have the support of state agencies, manufacturers, retailers and non-governmental organisations.
He said the dumping of plastic bags had become not only an eyesore in cities but polluted to the environment, especially when burnt.
“It is a solid waste and needs immediate government attention to find more appropriate ways to dispose or recycle rather than burning” Kaugla said.
The company was established in 2003 with an agreement to collect plastic bags, clean them and deliver to plastic producing company, Color Pak Ltd in Lae for recycling.
But Kaugla said since 2009, Color Pak could no longer help it recycle plastics.
He said that had not stopped his employees from collecting disposed plastic bags, cleaning and packing for storage at Boundary Road, West Taraka, Tent City Dump site and 3- Mile.
“Dumping of plastics around city and suburbs is becoming a health hazard,” he said.
“Plastics are lying everywhere and our collectors are picking three times more than they used to.
“The government needs to take a bold step and initiate a workable solution to address it,” Kaugla said.
He said Environment and Conservation Minister Benny Allan must take the lead to protect and save the environment.
“The recycling business has provided another opportunity for jobless youths in the city to make a living,” he said.
“The government could help establish plastic recycling equipment for the jobless youths to involve them meaningfully and productively to save our environment from plastic bags,” Kaugla said.