Calls for services into district


WE are in the 21st century but the people of Kabwum, Morobe, are still way behind.
There are hardly any tangible services in the district.
Services had been brought to MP’s own sub-district Deyamos local level government (LLG) but there is no service for Komba, Selepet and Yus LLG.
It is sad to see that Kabwum is still in the colonial era and is the least developed district in the province.
Roads from Wasu to Kabwum Station, Komba and Derim are deteriorating and going from bad to worst.
Where are the district service improvement programme funds?
Can our MP come out of his comfort zone and do something for his people?
Other MPs are really fighting hard to bring services to their electorates.
For example, Usino-Bundi MP Jimmy Uguro who has done a tremendous job by bringing service to his peoples’ door step.
I salute you Uguro for your great effort.
To Kabwum MP Patrick Basa, please we want to see some changes in our district.
Fight hard for your peoples’ right if you want to maintain you position in the next five years.

Aroh Pom