Calls to reinstate Pato as minister


CAN Prime Minister James Marape reconsider appointing Rimbink Pato as Foreign Minister?
Pato has extensive wide international experience in foreign policy matters and has establish very good rapport and acumen with international donor partners.
He has high credential in international standing and best represent PNG in meetings and establishing relationships along with current and new partners.
Remember, Foreign Affairs Ministry is very important ministry where one represent the country so the person occupying that portfolio should be of high calibre with extensive experience in foreign policy matters because that is where you will market PNG.
It is urge to please reconsider and give the ministry portfolio to former Minister Rimbink Pato.

Foreign Affairs Adviser


  • No!! No,….No,… No!! There are other qualified leaders for this ministry. The bad reputation of the former regime under the crook, Peter Pare O’Neil will also portray a negative and bad image with our foreign friends. Start with new stock and bud.

  • Peter Andrew,
    Totally agreed PM Marape please enough of this business of recycling ministers into portfolio from the old regime. Take back PNG must start with new blood !

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