Cameras installed to monitor drivers, officers

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The Dash cameras installed in police vehicles to monitor the activities of drivers and officers using them. – Nationalpics by KENNEDY BANI

DASH cameras have been installed in police vehicles to monitor the activities of drivers and officers using them.
Police Minister Bryan Kramer yesterday stressed the importance of using vehicles for work purposes only and not to transport family members or for drinking sprees.
“The days of misusing (police) vehicles are gone,” he said.
“You will be monitored through the dash cams on each of the vehicles and the GPS tracker installed in each of the vehicles.
“Gone are the days of hiding from every complaint laid against you.
“You cannot hide what you are doing.
“It (will be) recorded and accessed by the CCTV operators and the police station commander.”
Kramer attended the opening of the renovated Waigani police station by Prime Minister James Marape yesterday.
He said there had been reports of some officers using police vehicles for sex, drinking, transporting of women or family members which were an abuse.
The station was also declared a “station of excellence”.
Kramer said all officers at the station would be wearing the same colour uniforms and have their name tags displayed all the time.
“This is what we want for accountability and transparency,” he said.


  • Thats a good start. I think the RPNGC must install dashcam on all police vehicle to make their work more transparent. It is also in the public interest also so that police don’t abuse their powers in terms of police brutality.

  • Many Police vehicles throughout the country still have tinted glasses. When are this tints on all Police vehicles going to be removed? Or is this exempted for some special undercover police force personnel using these tinted Police vehicles??

  • That is what our elected MPs should be doing….. Be creative, innovative and start solving problems.
    The world is changing and we must change with it….

  • Yes, PNG must move forward & stop those uncivilized attitude from the past that used to corrupt the law & order system. I think every province must have the system set up also.

    In Milne Bay Province, for example, police here need to be monitored and controlled everyday. Picking families, relatives, friends, drinking mates, wantoks, girlfriends, picking females, & unnecessary driving around, should never be allowed at all in the police force.

    PNG police must start doing things professionally, dress code must also be professional all the time. Police officers should never chew in public places, in towns, in police cars, and police officers must never buy betelnuts in places that are banned either in civilian clothing or with uniform.

    Police officers should be role models in the community.

  • Great start to solving police corruption. Hope the camera’s can record police personal manhandling suspects.

  • Thanks Police Minister Mr Krammer for the initiative and a big appreciation to the Australian tax payers for the funding towards this. Aussie tax payers read and hear news about projects funded by their hard working dollars that does not work well in PNG just because its not properly managed. Lets hope that this Police monitoring system is worth the dollars spend. Good to young minded leaders such as BK to introduce such a technology into the Police force. A tech were many countries police vehicles do have and is working successfully.
    My suggestion is also to have the camera system setup to capture if officers would deliberately tempered with the Dash Cam.

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