Camp impresses provincial coaches

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The National, Thursday 11th April, 2013

 ENGA and Chimbu provinces have teamed up with the Papua New Guinea Rugby League Foundation in this year’s National Schoolboys Rugby League camp at the National Sports Institute, in Goroka, this week.

This follows an invitation from the foundation for sporting representatives and coaches from those provinces to attend the elite schoolboys’ camp.

After the first day in camp with the boys, the coaches from Enga and Chimbu were impressed with level of skill and fitness the boys possessed.

Enga provincial sports coordinator, Toksy Nema expressed gratitude at being allowed to attend the camp and how important it was to see the schoolboys train.

“The Enga schoolboys’ competition is being organised and should be ready to start in a few weeks,” he said. 

“Being part of this camp has op­ened my eyes to the level of skill and competence the national schoolboy rugby league programme can produce and I’m looking forward to seeing our Enga schoolboys taking part in it.

“From what I’ve seen, I know that our Enga schoolboys will have steep competition from the other regions but I’m confident they can do well.”

Nema said the level of discipline and professionalism shown by the PNG Rugby League development team was encouraging.

“The PNG RL Foundation development team have helped raise the standard of schoolboy rugby league in PNG and our Enga schoolboy programme can benefit from the rugby league standards set by them,” the forme Enga Mioks coach said.

Chimbu schoolboy coach, Mile Sine was impressed with how the foundation development team organised the training regime.